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Make something good. Help someone in need.

As we well know from PR Project support 4 causes behind our project! They may see in the sidebar of our blog, but here's a brief review and that in which we believe and protect! Couses: Make love not war; Stop child abuse; Protect the rights of animals; Stop Global Warming. As human beings we must be committed to the problems of other people around the world. If you are unable to help directly to those needing people to at least have thousands of options for indirect support. When a problem becomes public domain, the chance to take steps to resolve it becomes much larger. That you well in your time you should not make selfish! On the contrary, should always keep this in and believe that whenever you have the opportunity to submit hand of a man in need.  

Causes in which we support and we want to help:

Make love, not War:
This is a phrase that carries quite the sense in themselves. Wars of the world carry only destruction and unfortunately, to make people hate among themselves and create hostility between peoples. War left thousands of victims behind, innocent victims! Do not make the mistake of many before you! Feel love, not hate.

Stop child abuse:
Children are the greatest happiness in life a person most precious treasure of the planet. Children should experience the love and care of their parents. But there are people who are bad people. They use violence against children in horrible way, as they cause permanent physical and psychological traumas. And for a fragile child, this can be fatal for him, may do so even in bad person by his abuser. Do not let this to happen with your child!

Protect the rights of animals:
Some people cause for the rights of animals can do strange and even slightly meaningless, but this is not so! As a civilized world, which seeks to internal and external freedom, we must respect not only myself as a human species, but also other living beings who inhabit the same planet on which we live. In some countries, such as the USA has strict rules to protect animals and this should become a global practice. However they are powerless before, what we can do to them.

Stop Global Warming:
Recently, every time I start talking about Global Warming and how it would lead humanity to its only destruction. Nature should be kept because it is the personification of human existence. Must guard and save, because all this killing of natural resources will lead to our end. Keep clean, keep live!


Twitter also help:
As users of the service to track information Twitter today received a letter from them, which has very interesting things. Twitter also support the noble causes and we respect that. Twitter have millions of users, that is each of these users today received the letter, which we received. Until the millions reached cause for the lack of water in some regions of the world! But the best read snippet of the letter, which speaks for this charitable cause.

Summary of Twitter's e-mail:
"Water, Water--Everywhere? If you use Twitter and you were born in September, then we want to wish you a happy birthday--and tell you about a special initiative from Twitter-er Scott Harrison. Scott turns 33 this month and he already has everything he could want. Instead of gifts, Scott hopes to bring clean drinking water to those without it. If you're up for it, check out Scott's web site and help him reach his goal of digging 333 water wells across Ethopia--this month. Visit"

We at PR Project believe in the good, and you?
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