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PR Project - in searching of 100 Authors

Want to become a part of something larger? Something that over time will be described in the history of the Internet? One project that will be in the mouth of millions worldwide!

Become a PR Project Author.
Be part of history!

We have two types of authors:
- First type of author (called strong) - This blogger write unique content for PR Project. Content to any topic without infringing the copyrights of others naturally. Topics to be positions may be related to politics, sports, entertainment, art, Internet technologies, search engine optimization, design, news, reviews, interviews, videos, photos and whatever you think of more!

- Second type of author (called assistant) - This type of bloggers are not bound by writing unique content for our project! They are people who have blogs, but published indents of its publications on the pages of PR Project, with a link to the original article. Their work is just 5 minutes a day!

IMPORTANT: Every author of the end of his posts here can put a link to his own blog, with attribute - follow.

Requirements for both types of authors:
- The first, most important requirement is that you truly blogger, that is someone you to believe!
- 300 words in article is minimum.
- No affiliate links in your posts.
- No links to Adult, Gamble or Violence web sites.

Terms of your post:
We reserve the right to edit your post. (only visual part of publication)

Request for getting up to author in PR Project:
- Send us a brief summary of you, as blogger!
- Write what type of author would be!
- е-mail to send applications:

What will gain from participating in the project:
- Strong Authors will be able to end of each article to put their banner, advertisement, review or link with the purpose of advertising.
- Assistant Authors will promote their articles through reviews in PR Project. This will gain many new readers for their own blogs.

Button for Guest Authors -
You can place this button in bottom of your articles here or in your own blog/web page.

PR Project is looking for exactly 100 author to assist in implementing the main objective of the project - taking Google PR10 in a year! The content must be in English!
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