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Everything about Google Chrome

We are all very surprised by the release of Google Chrome! Some of us are quite happy with the free browser of Google, while others have doubts, where justified, where unfounded. One thing is certain - most of the people who try Chrome are happy and have set as defalt browser, despite its early beta version without some vital additions/plugins. We at PR Project happy we use the services of Google Chrome and we want to thank Google, it made rapid surfing the Internet possible!

What do you think colleagues? Let's see:

"1. Profile roaming between multiple browsers. This may be a pipe dream, but if Foxmarks for Firefox has proved anything, syncing up your bookmarks between multiple machines is awesome. 2. Better bookmark management. Speaking of bookmarks, the bookmarking system in Chrome is about as basic as it gets. "Stripped-down" might be a better way to describe it. 3. Plug-ins. Google has acknowledged that plug-ins are on the road map, which is a good thing. "
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"Write these commands in the strip search and see what things are hidden in the browser Google Chrome: about:memory, about:stats, about:network, about:internets, about:histograms, about:dns, about:cache, about:plugins, about:version"
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""Let's start with the license. A lot of people have noticed that the Google Chrome fine-print contains some really dodgy items (examples: CNet and read write web).; Suppose Chrome isn't open source. Suppose you can get the code but the binary comes (or will come) with lots of other gadgetry that Google approves of. Let's, oh, take an example of no way to block adverts."
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"While Chrome has lots of operating-system-like features, it doesn’t support a native API of it’s own.  Moreover, since it’s designed to run web applications better rather than allow developers to build new kinds of web applications, it doesn’t appear possible for a developer to design an application that exploits some native feature of Chrome that will cause everyone to decide that they have to become Chrome users.  The fact that there’s no application “pull-through” effect eliminates a compelling reason that users might have for switching from their current browser."
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"Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. By default, Google Chrome imports your default search engine from your default browser.; Google did not add another rendering engine. Google Chrome uses WebKit for rendering, which is the same rendering engine as Apple’s Safari browser, so if your site is compatible with Safari it should work great in Chrome.; Google Chrome feels at least as important to me as Gmail. And in all my interactions with the Chrome team, it’s clear that this project has been a huge labor of love. It’s been a labor of blood, sweat and tears as well but mostly love."
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"Until today Google was saying Google Analytics would not track Chrome usage for some time. Today they added Chrome tracking, allowing site owners to see how many of their users are coming to the site from the Chrome Browser."
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SearchEngineWatch say: All That Glitters Is Not Chrome
"Chrome has already grabbed about 2.5 percent of the market, according to Clicky.com, a company that monitors more than 45,000 Web sites. With 1.4 billion Internet users globally, if these numbers carry across, 35 million people could potentially download Chrome in two to three days. Obviously, if the numbers are concentrated more in the United States, the number of downloads will be considerably less."
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"1. It's being built from the ground up. The Google engineers involved understood that modern day web browsing is about applications and rich media, which normal browsers are not built for, so they started from scratch.; 4. New tabs, above the address bar, will handle those different processes. So JavaScript threads will be in one tab and a video in another, allowing each to load simultaneously, reducing memory load, and ensuring that one bug in a page doesn't crash the whole site (or whole browser), just that tab.; 5. To make things even faster, Chrome will use a new JavaScript Virtual Machine from Denmark called V8."
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"If you're into the fine print, here's the revised text of Section 11: 11. Content license from you. ; 11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services."
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Google Operating System say: Google Chrome Tips
"1. Show the list of recently visited pages from the current tab: right-click on the "Back" button. This also works for the "Forward" button.; 4. Perform simple calculations and unit conversions using Google Calculator by simply typing the expression in Google Chrome's address bar (or "omnibox"). To copy the answer, select the suggestion.; 9. If the search engine of a site supports OpenSearch, you can add it to Google Chrome's search box by simply visiting the site and performing a search. The domain name automatically becomes a keyword and you should only type the first letters from the URL until you see "press Tab to search example.com". Then press Tab and type your query."
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"Sergey Brin expects the technology will make its way to Android, the company's mobile phone operating system and software suite.; Chrome and Android were developed largely separately, Brin said in an interview at the Chrome launch event Tuesday. "We have not wanted to bind one's hands to the other's," Brin said. But you can expect that to change now that both projects are public and nearing their first final releases."
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"In one day, Google Chrome reached the #12 ranking in Hitwise's Computers & Internet - Software category out of 2,553 websites.; The average visit time for the day on Google Chrome was 2 minutes and 48 seconds. The usual suspects referred the bulk of traffic to the Google Chrome download page, with 79% coming from Google.com."
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Google Operating System says again: Google OS Is Actually a Browser: Google Chrome
"Google Blogoscoped posts an interesting comic book (update: a better version) created by Scott McCloud that illustrates the features of Google Chrome, an open source browser based on WebKit. As usually, all the rumors related to Google are true and "Google Browser" is no exception. Google Chrome has been built in a time when browsers no longer render mostly web pages, but full-blown web applications. That's why browsers need to be more powerful, more stable and more secure. One of the problems of the existing browsers is that a web page can lock the browser and there's no way to isolate that tab and close it. Google Chrome uses a new process for each tab."
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Try to Uninstall Google Chrome :)

"We hope the articles you put on yourself, will help to better understand the nature of Google Chrome and choose between him and other browsers! It also will not make a mistake if using Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari. The mistake will be if you use Internet Explorer:) Nothing personal Microsoft, just your browser not to use .."
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More about Google Chrome:

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