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Free Blogger Templates (Part 1)

Hello, bloggers!

Crucial is what you write in your blogs, but also is extremely important, blogs that you have a nice design. So your blog home page you will visit not only because of content but also because of the pleasant atmosphere.

We at the PR Project, we suggest 4 very beautiful and free templates specifically tailored for Blogger. They are not only free but also very valuable, so you should take advantage of them. Also tell your friends not be selfish. Share shared.

Demo: BlogohBlog | Download: Free BlogohBlog Template


Demo: WP Polaroid Blogger | Download: Free WP Polaroid Blogger Template


Demo: WP Premium Red Blogger | Download: Free WP Premium Red Blogger Template


Demo: Pro Blogger | Download: Free Pro Blogger Template


Easy to INSTALL: In the archive files of the templates we have put a file, which explains how to install the topic. Indeed, it's easy.

SEO Friendly: We modify all topics, description and keywords to be easily seen by search engine. You only need to place the data from your blog, and from there everything is as easy as child's play.

Just Start Blogging: Start blogging with Blogger - for all day of you for your work or simply for the things that you've made an impression! And remember - use these free blogger templates because they are beautiful and they work for your success.

Download All Templates: Click here to download Part 1 of free blogger templates. (only 40k)

If you Enjoy: If you like this post, then please leave a link to it on your blog.

Credits: eBlogTemplates | BlogohBlog | Modify: PR Project

Good luck and happy blogging :)
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