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PR Project Pages - all reviews in hyperlinks and microblogging!

Hello, friends!
As you have noticed lately - we change design of PR Project with the fresh colors and cleared, hopefully to you like! Do everything possible this project to become a place where they spending a lot time in reading and communication with friends!

Now for PR Project Pages *

PR Project Pages is a sub-project of PR Project, which aims things well. Firstly you will find links to the latest posts of PR Project. Also in PR Project Pages, we will cover what is happening around our project - constantly! There will address posts thanks to the people who support us and help us. In general PR Project Pages is a mirror, which displays the latest version micro things around us.

For fans of Wordpress:

All ask: why our project is hosted on Blogspot. It's not true - we have Wordpress blog too :)
This is an experiment having our aim to prove that more - it's better. I hope we've done! In our blog hosted in Wordpress will happen exactly the same as here - PR Project Pages.

So whether you will see what is published in PR Project Pages or PR Project, but in Wordpress is same thing! Thank you that you read our blog!
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