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The 5 Most Popular blogs in Blogger

Hello, dear readers!
Amanda from BloggerBuster has made a major study designed to understand, what are the biggest in blogger. Her study is based on information taken from the most authoritative sources of network traffic - Google Pagerank, Technorati Rank, Bloglines subscribers, backlinks and Alexa rank. Amanda has made an analysis of all these factors and share with us TOP 50 list of the most popular blog at Blogspot, a link to which you can see at the bottom of this article.

But before that, see the first 5 blog from this ranking:

» The most popular blog: PostSecret - See a Secret...Share a Secret

» Secondly: Official Google Blog - Insights from Googlers

» Thirdly: Blogger Templates - Widgets, Hacks and Original Themes for Blogger

» Fourthly: The Sartorialist - Selected as one of Time Magazines Top 100 Design Influencers

» Fifth place: America Blog - A great nation deserves the truth

We thank Amanda for work that is made in the compilation of this ranking. And now, and a link to the original rating compiled by Amanda - "The Top 50 Blogger Powered Blogs" There'll see 45 other popular blog at Blogspot. We will work much and one day in the nearest one year PR Project will take place in the first five blogs! If you like the article - help us or Amanda, Thank you!
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