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Zaha Hadid's space-aged bar

Looking to set up a bar in your home? Also looking to make the interior of your house look more like a spaceship? Well, who better to turn to than famed architect Zaha Hadid, who designed this insanely futuristic bar for Home House in London.

Was it a racy bar or a racing car? The conceptual architect Zaha Hadid unveiled two contemporary projects in one venue last week as her ongoing collaboration on dynamic footwear with Lacoste was projected in the space-age new interior for London's historic Home House.

The bar and lounge, with sculpted metallic surfaces finished with car paint or with silvered leather, made an impressive backdrop for the futuristic shoes. Onlookers studied the video images with attention usually reserved for Bill Viola's art, as a digitized version of the famous crocodile logo became a "landscape" that was then transferred by laser on to leather stretched over stainless steel plates.

"Dynamic fluid grids," said Hadid, defining her design expression and explaining how the shoe will expand and contract as it wraps around the foot, allowing the landscaped pattern to come and go.

In March, 1,000 pairs of limited edition Lacoste-Hadid shoes will go on sale, followed by a 10,000-strong diffusion line in May. Meanwhile, Hadid was to be in New York on Monday to open her futuristic construction for Chanel in Central Park.

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