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Globecruiser-Camper, Tank, Bombshelter

If you want your family and friends to take pleasure in the great outdoor expeditions, you need to have a look at the Action Mobil's new Globecruiser. The comfy beast, which is based on the MAN TGA 6�6 platform, will kinda shatter the poor roads on the move. Designed for adventure seekers, the Globecruiser model gets its power from 783ci turbodiesel engine that pumps out a very respectable 388 kW. 

The 4 x 240W solar system supports the batteries and LPG tanks. Other features include heated air-suspension seats and satellite systems that help you in case you are lost somewhere in the wilds. The two fuel tanks can store 219 gallons and yes, the refill cost is going to make you tight-lipped. One refill will set you back a cool $800. Forget the refill costs; the Globecruiser itself carries a stocky price tag of EUR490,000 (US $670,000), not much for a MANly drive. More shots after the jump.

The MAN chassis:                                               
MAN 26.530 BB 6x6                                                
MAN 6-cylinder inline turbodiesel with intercooler
Displacement 783 cubic in. (12.816 ccm)
Performance 388 kW/530 hp Euro 3
2 speed transfer case with street and cross country ratios
permanent all wheel drive with center diffential lock                  
Differential locks for front and rear axle
Drum brakes.
Anti lock brake system
Leaf springs front, air suspension for rear axles.
Tires 16.00 R 20 Michelin XZL, tubeless
2 fuel tanks, capacity 219 U.S. gallons (860 liters)
Fuel prefilter with water seperator
seats with air suspension, heatable
Satellite navigation system (GPS)

Electrical equipment:                                                          
Custom control panel to control powermanagement and liquide storages.
Battery main switch, savety cutout, fault current breaker.
DC power supply by Gel-battery bank, automatic I-U regulated alternator and AC
automatic I-U shore charger with cell temperature sensing.
Battery capacity: 24 V 1000 Ah
Alternator charge rate: 28 V 100 A
Shore charge rate: 28V 70 A
Inverter 24 V/230 V, max output 3.000 W
Power plugs for 12 V DC, 24 V and 230 V AC.
Solar system 4 x 240 Watt

Water supply:
154 U.S. gallons (550 l)                                        
11 U.S. gallons (40 l) l hot water-heat exchanger.
waste water tank, 69 U.S. gallons (180 liters) .
Water faucets in bath and kitchen are built due to highest household quality standards.
All plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing.
City water connector and outside shower.
Water filtration system
Porcelain toilet with water flushing. Black water tank 21 U.S. gallons (80 liters).

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