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PR Project in Blogger Showcase

PR Project found in the famous ranking of blogs Blogger Showcase. We are very proud that we noted with us and joined in one of the most prestigious ratings for blogs by Blogger.

Blogger Showcase is blogger gallery of blogger blogs. They showcase the best original blogger designs, content blogs and modified free themes of blogger.

Participants in Blogger Showcase are divided into different categories such as: All (50), Art (6), Blogger (6), Crafts (1), Creative (2), Entertainment (2), Fashion (1), Gossip (1), Graphic Design (2), Humour (1), Illustration (1), Internet (3), Personal (12), Photographer (4), Php Programming (1), Politics (1), Reviews (1), Shopping (1), Technology (10), Tips (3), Web Design (14) - The figures in brackets reflect the number of blogs by category.

This is the page of PR Project ( in Blogger Showcase, where you can vote for us and leave a response.

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