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MyPunchBowl - software for Celebrations

New web application for event and party planning. MyPunchbowl provides software for every stage of planning. With you'll actually enjoy planning while saving time. For the host, there are typically lots of pieces to organize: picking a date, sending invitations, choosing catering and entertainment, purchasing party supplies, and renting party equipment just to name a few. It can be a time-consuming process, and it usually isn't much fun.

Company Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Who created Punchbowl Software and where did the idea for originate?
Answer: Punchbowl Software was founded by Matt Douglas and Sean Conta. Rumor has it that the inspiration for came from Groundhog Day (not the movie, the actual holiday). Contact us for an interview – we’d love to tell you the story.

Question: How is MyPunchbowl different from Evite?
Answer: MyPunchbowl is an exciting new web application for at-home party planning. MyPunchbowl has comprehensive planning features, providing hosts and guests with an easy to use website for every stage of a party. The developers of MyPunchbowl have created an innovative workflow-based user interface and comprehensive features that are best suited for party hosts. These distinguishing features include:

Workflow-based user interface: MyPunchbowl’s unique interface helps guide hosts through every step of the planning process
Comprehensive: MyPunchbowl has features and functionality for every stage of party planning, from before the event to well after the party is over
Personal: Numerous features provide a personal experience for hosts and guests
“Save the Date”: hosts can create a save the date to inform guests early in the planning process
Private RSVP: Guests can privately respond to invitations directly with the host
RSVP Flexibility: Hosts can easily adjust the “RSVP-by” date or not require RSVP’s.
Party Store Locator: A unique national directory helps you locate a party store in your area
After Party: At MyPunchbowl, the party is never over. With unique features such as a message board and photo collaboration, hosts and guests can make the memories last forever.

Question: How is MyPunchbowl different from sites like Renkoo or Planypus?
Answer: is focused on helping hosts and guests have the best party experience possible. Sites such as Renkoo or Planypus are geared towards more casual get-togethers (dinner/drinks with friends). If you are having an at-home party or event, MyPunchbowl is the best product to help you throw your best party yet.

Question: How is MyPunchbowl different from sites like Eventful or HeyLetsGo?
Answer: MyPunchbowl is focused on at-home private events. Websites like Eventful and HeyLetsGo are aggregators of public events (concerts, shows, theater).

Question: Has Punchbowl Software received any outside funding? How has Punchbowl Software financed the development to date?
Answer: Punchbowl Software has not received any outside funding. We are currently seeking early-stage funding. We’ve financed the development to date from the loose change we have found under our couches…(it’s all been personal funding to date).

Question: How will MyPunchbowl generate revenue?
Answer: has a large revenue opportunity. Our business is based on a number of different revenue sources including targeted advertising, revenue sharing on supplies and merchandise, and affiliate revenue through booking partners. In addition, we believe our core software is an attractive package to license to key brands in the event and party industry.

Question: How large is the party and event market?
Answer: The party industry is a large business. From holidays to birthday parties to the Super Bowl, consumers spend lots of money on at-home celebrations. The party industry is a highly fragmented market, and is not a segment that is measured as a whole. However, our research has yielded the following market data:
Overall market for party supplies and merchandise was $10.2B in 2006
Super Bowl spending was $5.6B in 2006
Halloween is the 6th largest holiday in the U.S. ($4.96B in 2006) 
Birthday shopping is a $10B business (source: Hallmark)
Direct Sales at-home parties (e.g. Tupperware): $8.2B in 2005

Question: Where is Punchbowl Software located?
Answer: Punchbowl Software is located in Natick, MA in the heart of the Metrowest technology center of Boston.

MyPunchbowl Founders:

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