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Free (.mp) domains

We want to introduced you free .mp domain names. Each .mp domains using OpenID system, which means that you can use the domain in thousands of websites on the Internet. You can use your .mp domain, as save information from social networks like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Flickr and etc. where you are registered and organize it in their own way.

PR Project register your domain .mp ( and wait for us to send an invitation via e-mail to complete the registration. Main domain for us will always remain a looooong, but it is good to have a domain that combines online cases in our social networks around the Web.

Registrator ( of .mp domains: " is a new service that puts you in control of who you are online. We’re building a flexible, permanent home for your online identity that sits on your own domain and lets you manage all the different parts of you from one place showing what you want to who you want."

One place to centralise who you are online: "We live decentralised lives on the web, our photos are on Flickr, our links are on, our music is on, our blog is on wordpress, our travel is on dopplr and our friends are everywhere. turns your domain into the centralised you, giving you one place under your control where you can manage and showcase all the different parts of your online life."

Show what you want to who you want: "Human relationships are tricky and can’t be expressed by the catch-all friend. We have different personas for different places and people. My boss sees a different side of me than my friends from school and our identities online should reflect that. uses granular privacy permissions that allow you to express relationships in all the different ways you would in real life. it gives you infinite control over who sees what. With you simply label relationships with whatever you choose and only show certain content to people with those tags."

Read more about .mp domains:

+ Post Update:

We just recieved this e-mail for

Thanks for checking out

We're gearing up for launch in the next few months and can't wait to tell you about it; I promise to keep you updated as evolves. You can also follow and get involved in the debate on how to build a better web on

In the meantime, please begin thinking about the name of your new domain on the internet ... and how you'll finally get to own your digital self online.

Stay tuned! I'll be in touch soon."

After having received this e-mail from we hurry to go in shown Internet address ownyouridentity. There found a blog created by the same people who have created and And its about owning your online identity in a world with an increasing amount of software that wants to own it for you. Blog has categories like Domain-centric identity, Friend Connect, Lifestreams, OpenID, Ownership, PortableSocialNetworks and Social-Network-Fatigue, which are quite interesting.
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