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SEO Charm

The search engine optimization now is SEXY. How can it even be sexy, since it does not have an appearance? The Web design can be sexy ( when i am saying sexy, i mean beautifull and exquisite appearance). Even the xHTML code can be sexy, if it is following the web standarts and it is error free.

The answer is: The SEO is Sexy, because of the search engine optimization girls.
They are smart, they are beautiful. They are SEXY. But who are they? Bellow i will introduce to you the TOP 6 of the most beautiful SEO girls, ordered not by beauty ( because all of them are beauty ), but in a random order:

Jane Copland

She's very cute! She is part from the SEOmoz team and her interests are in keyword research, copy writing, link building, web site reviews

Lauren Vaccarello

She look like a balanced woman. She is the founder of lvlogic and her interests are in paid search, web analytics, brand and reputaion management

Rebecca Scott

What a beautiful face! She works like a SEO consultant in Base One. The Chick Jane Copland, who i wrote before is her mentor and SEO guru.

Linda Bustos

Ok i admit, there is a lot of charm in this girl. Her interests are in SEO planing for business clients and Social Media publishing

Kimber Cook

She is looking very naughty while she is reading this Google book, isn't she? She has cool SEO blog

But the most sexy SEO girl ( at least for me ) is very secret, and she hasn't name. She has nice blog and beauty, which can't be described, only it can be seen:

She is blond, with blue eyes and stands up for her SEO job. She has perfect body and , good taste for the fashion and looks a stable woman. May be she loves the summer pleasures.

There are many girls, which i didn't include in this rating, but ask Google for more girls :)


 Manol Trendafilov
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