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Blogger Play - great photo service

Blogger Play slideshow is in real time which shows the photos uploaded to blogs users of Blogger. This is a wonderful opportunity to see what consumers think and published on their web blogs now! Since Blogger Play do everything possible to show only the appropriate shots (ie pictures to be seen and not violate any rights). You can speed up or speed down with which displayed photos of the page can also use the button on the keyboard "space" to stop and run slideshow.

Images on Blogger Play come from blogs that are public and listed on the web, and also from public Blogger profiles. Blogger Play can only show photos as fast as your internet connection can download them. The maximum setting is approximately one photo every 0.7 seconds, but not every connection is able to download photos that quickly.

You can add Blogger Play to your iGoogle homepage instantly by clicking here!
You can see Blogger Play FAQ - click here to do this.

We at PR Project adding widget in our sidebar show happening in Blogger Play. Our visitors can see what is published on other blogs in the world, right now! Blogger Play
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